The Hairstyle

She was living in a small town near the coast. She had been living there since her husband left her, fifteen years earlier, he had gone to London to live with a wonderful girl twenty years younger than her and fifteen than him, he had become a powerful marketing manager in an American company and his current wife lived without problems, her daily life dedicated to shopping, tennis and golf classes.

However, our star, was struggling everyday with a lot of economical problems. The last one happened when she was told that her daughter was going to get married to a wealthy and handsome boy whose parents lived in a big and wonderful castle in the north of Scotland.

Her ex-husband phoned her to tell her that she mustn’t worry about the cost of the wedding because he would pay all the expenses.

That conversation calmed her down but she was still worried about her own expenses, she needed new clothes to wear to be at the same level as of the rest of the guests or probably she would need to be better than them.

She began to look for new clothes, the wedding would last two days and two nights and she would need a whole fashion collection if she wanted to keep up a good level.

She had only one way, she asked the bank for a mortgage against her house, it was the only thing that her ex-husband had left her when he left and it was the only property she had.

She talked with the banker of the village, there was only one bank in that small town, she knew the banker wasn’t an honest man but she didn’t have any other option . Finally she signed the loan and she went shopping in London.

She spent seven days in London to buy wonderful dresses and in the end she was happy once she had got the clothes that she had imagined.

She used the last two days in London to go to a beauty center to get a treatment to improve her looks. She looked good, in fact she didn’t need to get any beauty treatment but we know that humans, at least in the western world, have a tendency to see themselves in a lower opinion of their appearance than others.

So she spent her last money on a special wedding treatment, the best to take part in a wedding, “you will be the most attractive woman at the party”, said the employee of
the center.

The treatment had two parts, the first part was used to improve the muscles of her body, it seemed she was preparing herself to take part in a fashion parade or wors, she spent the whole day with this matter , it was the day before the wedding.

The next day she was threatened with the second part, the appointment was five hours before the wedding, she had only two hours after this to arrive on time to the reception place, and it was aimed at improving the look of her face and to achieve one of the best hairstyles that anybody had ever seen.

She arrived on time at the beauty center, she went into the room and put up the necessary suffering to get her future beauty, the only way to be the prettiest.

Three hours later someone gave her a mirror, she looked at herself in it and she let out a dramatic scream that was heard by the whole beauty center, she had two hours by train to get to the reception and her hair was yellow like the Beatles’ submarine.

She could only recognise in her hairstyle, the head of Mrs Simpson, she wasn’t a fashion designer or a well known singer, she was only a housewife without a husband.

She couldn’t stand that and she ran out of the beauty center without knowing where she was going. Nobody in the beauty center asked her to pay the bill, It didn’t matter, they didn’t know what she wanted, communication had failed and they were ashamed, everybody there knew about the wedding.

She had left her wedding clothes at the beauty center, now she was wearing jeans with a shirt and a nice sweater, she was walking along the Thames, one hour later she went into a pub, she asked for a beer, got it and sat down at the end of the pub.

She began to cry, she was really down, very sad, the beer moistened her throat and she felt better, suddenly she realised that her daughter had left her two months after than her husband have done the same and in all this time she had only seen her twice, why had they invited her to the wedding now ?, probably for a good reason, both father and daughter had to demonstrate to the world that they had a good relationship with her, to hide that they had left her to her fate.

Why should she be worried about them now? She realised that she had only been worried about not looking ridiculous, she drank the beer facing the way to the reception but she never arrived there, on the train she met the man of her life, someone who offered to replace the sadness that her eyes showed with happiness and she accepted it.

Two months later someone in the beauty center received an envelope with a letter and a cheque, the cheque paid the bill of the beauty treatment and the letter gave thanked them and made it clear that they had done the best work in the beauty center’s history, it was signed by Mrs. Simpson.